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Usability in mobile applications: What is it and why is it necessary?

The usability of mobile applications is one of the key elements for the success of the following:

Mobile applications have triggered a revolution in the interaction between users and their mobile devices. Over the years mobile phones have evolved from simple tools into a device that keeps you in touch with friends and family to become genuine centres for daily management tasks. Much of the success that has been achieved by mobile applications is partly because of usability offered by smartphones and tablets.

usability in mobile applications

Currently users are more familiar with touch faster gestures made through elements such as a keyboard or mouse. For this reason, it is not surprising that all mobile consumers, including children and the elderly can easily handle different devices.

However, not all applications have been able to reap the same success. There are many of those that have been forgotten for various reasons. One cause is the difficulty in the usability of the app. Unintuitive gestures or poor organisation of the element in the design are usability flaws that lead users to discard certain mobile applications and move on to look for better alternatives.

Efficiency and Effectiveness in mobile applications:

 The first thing to take in to account in terms of usability, is that an application should be effective and efficient. This means you must give the user what they are looking for quickly and easily. An app must meet needs in the shortest time possible without requiring the user to have great knowledge of their use or require a long learning process.

The apps must reach the effectiveness and efficiency through a good user experience. Only in this way will it generate a number of customer emotions that provides confidence to repeat. This means, usability is a fundamental mechanism for loyal users in the field of mobile applications.

How, when and where?

It is very important to understand the context of the application and how will it be used; will the application be in use while in motion? Or can users interact with it from home? All of these aspects will determine the degree of usability for the app. Furthermore the context of the implementation is equally important to know the target audience it is trying to reach, and understanding their behaviour in the mobile environment.

The higher the degree of usability for an application there is a more likelihood of it remaining installed on mobile devices. Thus, the ASO positioning is not penalised for a high number of uninstallation. A well structured application along with integration with own gestures for each operating system are two factors that contribute to a good level of usability and thus facilitate the user experience.

For good usability on your app it is crucial to have a skilled professional in the field, either the same developer or a person outside the development process. If you feel you do not know where to find a good usability expert then you have not tried Yeeply. At Yeeply you can browse and compare through nearly 2,500 app developers portfolios and observe which developer is best for your mobile app.

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