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Tablets or smartphones devices to advertise effectively?

Tablets or smartphones devices to advertise effectively?

Despite having a lower penetration, advertising on tablets is more effective for mobile advertisers and it is 250% more profitable than on smartphones. Mobile devices have become an essential tool to reach consumers. The influence that have tablets and smartphones helps to open new advertising and marketing channels with a higher level of effectiveness. However, advertisers always encounter the same questions: Is it really effective my advertising campaign? Am I making a good investment or am I wasting money? It seems that advertising on tablets is a safe bet.

tablet advertising more effective

A recent report of Madvertise indicates that advertising on tablets is 250% more profitable than on a smartphone. This confirms that the larger the screen size of the mobile device is, the more effective the advertising on it will be. These new data provided by Madvertise are showing that in fact users access up to 70% more pages through their tablets than through smartphones. Also for advertising on mobile applications, tablets take a slight advantage over smartphones. An example is Spain, the third European country with the highest number of monthly downloads of apps. While Spanish smartphone users downloaded about 27 apps on average per person per month, consumers of tablets installed an average of 31.

Regarding the favorite applications, the preferences are closely related to the size of the screens. The smartphones win it while speaking about social network apps (85%), email (81%) and maps and GPS (76%). For its part, the queens of the tablets are gaming applications (85%), television (60%) and media (52%). It seems that tablet users prefer apps with which  maximize the size of the screen and that they can use in their leisure time at home.

With this new data, mobile advertisers can understand easier the behavior of the advertisements on the devices and of the users. Despite of having lower penetration than smartphones, tablet advertising can provide a greater amount of benefits, so companies and advertisers should highlight this segment.

Julia Bergshoef

Proyecto Marketing