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Practical guide to app marketing for IOS and Android Developers

Getting to know an app and getting downloads are key tasks of app marketing for the success of your project or your client’s project.

Currently you spend the majority of your time as an application developer creating the product and meeting deadlines that you have agreed on with the client. If you talk to any freelance programmer, they will probably tell you that they do not have time to do all the tests that they would like to and that app marketing is generally an after thought.

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Perhaps app marketing is not your strong point as a programmer or designer. Even though you know that advertising and promoting your app is essential, you end up running out of time and money and not investing the time or resources to it. Do not relax and leave it for later!

“The vast majority of apps fail for lack of quality or lack of promotion and mobile marketing plan”

Competition in the app stores is fierce and growing. Every day, more and better developers compete for the attention of millions of people to find new apps. You of all people know you have to run at full speed with everything related to programming apps, learn fast and be very professional.

App marketing does not work miracles. If your application is not good no matter what you invest in promoting it, you’ll be throwing your money or your client’s money away.

There is only one way to do things: do it well or do it as you normally do.

My goal is to help you do things right. Make yourself known and build effective techniques for promoting your app tools. This is practical and no-nonsense advice. Whether you’re a developer of iOS, Android, or both. You only need to invest your time and effort and in some cases some money, but always try to make it minimal and very justified amounts.

Let’s talk about what matters: your app and how to promote it

I would like to share with you and the whole Yeeply community what I have learnt through this Practical Guide to app marketing for iOS and Android developers.

The guide is divided into 3 main componants that we face in the creation and development of an app:

1) Pre-launch

2) Launch

3) Post-launch

In the next post I will focus on providing an overview of the pre-release of an app and over the coming weeks we will be delving into every detail.

Until next week!

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