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Mobile App Promotion: What to do after publishing your app in markets

In previous articles we spoke about the importance of optimizing the characteristics of our application in the app stores. We talked about the intricacies of the ASO and the tools to take our app to the top level in the market, for mobile application markets like App Store or Google Play Store.

But we also have some related to mobile marketing techniques and promotion of mobile applications that we can apply to get more downloads once we have published the application in the mobile markets.

Lets talk number….

First of all we, we must understand that the problem is not our app being bad or unappealing; one of the main issues is the number of applications that are found in the market. The total number of applications in the App Store is more than 1 million according to Metrics App Store, and Google Play has more than 1,200,00 Android apps according to data from App Brain. You should opt for a strong app promotion that will push to reach a wider audience and increase downloads.

What to do before publishing my app?

Given these figures it is clear that properly developed app might not be enough, for this reason we need carryout additional actions. This is where the promotion of mobile applications and marketing come in. Before launching the app in the market:

app icons

  • The name of your app: Bold, innovative, memorable, shocking. These qualities will help better position your app and push your app promotion forward.
  • Icons: Will the logo and image that will identify your app on the desktop of any smartphone. In one of our previous articles we explained how to make a good app icon.
  • Landing page: With good design and well positioned in the app store, meaning the discovery of the application in the app store.
  • Screenshots: On Google Play or App Store make sure you outline the striking features of your application. You can even create a video tutorial to help introduce and understand the operation of the application.

 Mobile App Promotion: Tips after publishing the app

Once mobile applications are published in the markets, we still have to work on the promotional aspect of the application. A task that will take time; we should keep active and carryout marketing activities over time to ensure exposer is being create.

app promotion

  • Promotion in social networks likes Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in areas where our app is moved. But do not limit yourself to these, networks like LinkedIn or Pinterest, they can be of help but reach fewer people for their expertise.
  • Appearances in specialized media and blogs serve to publicize your app to the general public. Find positive reviews that explain the operation and functionality of your mobile application invited many mobile device users to download and try at least.
  • Finally, although the budget depends on the chosen strategy, it is best to be present in all possible markets.

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