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How to write a press release for app promotion

How to write a press release to promote your app can take time and effort, sending press releases to the media outlets such as websites and blogs that related to the same category or theme of your app is important for the recognition of your app. You have to pay attention to your app promotion.

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The effectiveness of press releases depends on…

  • Providing innovative and relevant information of interest to capture the attention of the media.
  • Provide the maximum work for the journalist or blogger by keeping your context short, neat and attractive. You might consider “first word capitalize” for a more graphically news-attractive look and feel.
  • Send the press release to a particular section, this means regular visits to the page.

Essentials in a press release for app promotion

  • App name
  • Description
  • Download Link
  • Video
  • Screens
  • Price
  • Contact

Sending out press releases is done by email in most cases, however in effect this comes with pros & cons. If your mailbox is full of spam and irrelevant messages, be sure to expect no reply, as there is a chance the email was delivered to the recipients spam folder.

It is important for your app promotion strategy that the subject of the email you send will capture the attention of the reader from the beginning and feel curiosity and want to know more about your app. Concentrate on writing a message that expresses your app, also why its different from others apps.

Okay, great, lets say you have caught the attention of the journalist or/ blogger and they want to know more about your app, Below are some practical tips to write a good response message.

  • Personalisation: Include a welcome name and briefly mention the previous articles they have published that drove you to get in touch them, remember to go with something that is relevant to your theme of your app if possible.
  • Description of app:  Summarise in a paragraph what does your app do, to whom it is addressed too, why they should install it and what is the benefit of someone using it. Avoid using commercial language. Be brief and descriptive. Includes information on whether it is a free or paid app, if available within the app purchases or subscriptions, etc. Add an additional paragraph highlighting some of the main features of the application.
  • Download Links: Provide available download links e.g. Play Store and App store. Remember to add links to your website, blog, press section, video and so on.
  • Contact: Make it easier for them to reach you incase they want more information or even better, for future publicity for your upcoming app or/apps.

Some common mistakes to avoid when writing a press release:

  • Including the subject line URGENT.
  • Exceeding forms, be direct but correct.
  • Avoid continuously forwarding your press release as this will generate a bad image and probably get discarded immediately.
  • Do not attach files; best shortcuts would be to include links to your post, a practice to avoid overloading inboxes.
  • Sending your press releases to irrelevant media outlets that has no connection to the theme of your app.

By following these basic guidelines there is better chance of your app being reviewed by someone that has great influence in the market, as a result your app will receive more attention and even more increase in downloads. That will mean that you did it well with you app promotion.

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