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How to get more traffic on apps?

How to get more traffic on apps?

A high traffic on apps can lead to success and economic benefits. There are nearly two million of mobile applications published in Google Play and App Store, the two relevant Marketplaces. For this reason, it is not surprising that the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. A high volume of traffic can help increase revenue generated by the application. Golden Gekko has prepared a full infographic that helps us to understand how to carry out a good strategy to get traffic on apps.


Preparing the strategy

Before the execution, it is very important to initiate a strategy to promote apps via 3 channels:

  1. The conventional media such as websites, other apps, email, TV and radio ads, etc.. Generally, these options are paid.
  2. The media which belong to the owner of the app, including their own websites and mobile applications, social network profiles, etc.
  3. The references you get are the most powerful channels. They  consist of external reviews that refer to the application and they are made by experts and relevant opinion leaders. Usually they do not involve any financial outlay and report organic traffic and new recommendations on other websites.

Implementation of the strategy

The tactic to achieve traffic on apps lies in two fundamental pillars: design and content. On the one hand, the design has to have visual elements that allow the user to understand easily the application, which needs it covers and how it is used.

As regards the content, we must take into account the importance of what you want to say and how to say it.

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Measuring and optimizing

The apps traffic measurement helps to understand and improve loyalty levels that the application gets. To evaluate the traffic that comes to mobile applications you can use tools such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics or Mixpanel.

Likewise, it is also very important to observe the valuations and opinions that users publish in the Marketplaces. In this way, you will learn about the failures and successes of the app, improving and enhancing its strengths.

Errors that move away the apps traffic

It is very common that promotion strategies contain a series of errors that cause a decrease in the apps traffic.

• Excessive self-promotion irritates customers. For instance, 48% of unfollows that  the brands register on Twitter are due to the continuous promotion, repetitive and empty.

• Do not leave the customers in the middle of the action.  You should have the target website, basic but attractive, optimized for mobile devices that includes the app download links.

• For many users the marketing actions via email are usually annoying. For this reason, the users who request removal from the newsletter list, should receive it.

• Promotional efforts and results measurement are tasks which should remain constant over time, as apps traffic strategies.

Following these tips plus a good ASO optimization, you set a good foundation for attracting more traffic to the mobile application, preventing it from becoming one of the “zombie” app.

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