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How to create an icon for a mobile application to get more downloads

Learning how to create an icon for a mobile application to get more downloads is fundamental for developers. Statistics show about 64% of application downloads are from app stores. Therefore your icon can be seen as a visual hook, it catches the attention of users that are browsing through any app store looking for applications that is appealing.

mobile application icon


Of the all tools at your disposal to promote your application, icon creation is one of the most significant tasks that you will need to spend time & effort on, think about it; what’s the point of injecting so much time & effort in your app if your icon is not appealing to the end user.

The icon is the first visual impact in the eyes of the end user

The utility, functionality and technical innovations are important aspects to your app, however emotions awakened by the user also matters in order to get more downloads.

mobile application icon


Creating an effective icon is a mixture of art and science. When assessing whether to download an app or not, our brain makes decisions quickly.  The icon helps makes decisions and transmits many messages on your mobile application; if the icon is well designed users can assume the app is well structured too.

 The keys to effective app marketing are:

  • Notoriety and Differentiation
  • Power of Attraction
  • Capacity Analogy and Descriptive
  • Originality and Creativity
  • Personality
  • Memorable

How to design an icon for a mobile application

Create an app icon to get more downloads takes a lot of time and effort, below are some tips that can help you vision.

  • Do not include words in your app icon.
  • Make it very simple. Bet on simple and recognisable shapes.
  • Find inspiration in showrooms directories and icons
  • Avoid using photographs. Best Artwork.
  • Do not use the default gloss effect.
  • Design a consistent icon that matches the design of your app.
  • Be innovative and stand out from the category of your app and the other competitors.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Rate the possibility to use the icon to edges that integrates well with any background.
  • Break the rules. Play with the limits of what should or shouldn’t do to differentiate yourself from others.

All this is easy to say but just like the philosopher said “The action speak louder”. When designing the icon of your mobile application remember one thing; an icon is the summary of what to expect from your application therefore conclude taking time and effort, just as you would for the development of the application, with these simple guideline tips on how to create an icon for a mobile application to get more downloads.

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