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How can you find the best ASO keywords for our app?

How can you find the best ASO keywords for our app?


Finding the best ASO keywords for our mobile application is vital to position it well within the stores. We have told you about it in the article “App Store Optimization, the necessary tool for a mobile app success“. Now that we have convinced you let’s talk about the execution part.

When getting our hands on it, we can come up with keywords that can be used to beef up our app’s ASO positioning or use tools that can give us a helping hand with this task. We’ll now detail some of the tools that work best. We have already seen how these keywords work differently depending on whether we apply them to Google Play or to App Store. In each tool’s description we’ll specify whether it can be used in one store or the other.

Tools to find your ASO keywords

There are a lot of tools with this purpose, but we have made a selection with the best four ones we consider to be the best and more useful for this task Let’s see how they work:

Google Trends

For starters: if you are a newbie to ASO positioning we recommend you to carry out a few searches in Google Trends to find out the interest (i.e. searches) entailed by the words you came up with to define your app on the web. This tool provides you the evolution of these keywords’ interest. If there is plenty of interest, it’s very likely that you’ll face several competitors and if the interest is rather low, don’t be discouraged: you may have found a niche that no one is currently trying to exploit.


If you have never used a tool to search for keywords before, we recommend you to get started with this one. It’s very straight forward. If you ever used the preceding Google Keyword Tool, you’ll notice the similarities.

We recommend this tool to get started purely for two reasons:

  • It’s free and allows you to learn without spending any money.
  • However it’s not (yet) 100% reliable.

It seems that its results are only optimal for Google Play so, if you are new to keywords and your app runs on Android, don’t hesitate and get started with it. If you already want to take a step further and use more professional tools, we recommend you either of the two that follow.


This is the tool that we currently like the most. The process is very similar to that of other tools but the fact that it also suggests ASO keywords that are being used by your competitors is a very interesting feature.

All the information it provides is relevant because it’s collected directly from App Store. However, its results are only optimised for Apple. If your app runs on Android, we recommend using it only as guidance.

If you want to know more on how AppCodes works, we encourage you to check out this video:


After entering your app, the keywords you have come up with and the competitors you have identified, MobileDevHQ will suggest other ASO keywords and will pinpoint the words that will work best in your case, comparing them with those that your rivals in the industry are using.

It’s a tool that allows you to track both Android and Google applications. You can try it for free on a single application. After this free trial − and if the tool satisfies your needs − you can always buy any of the more advanced plans it offers.

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