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Guide to create a Mobile marketing strategy in 5 steps

Guide to create a Mobile marketing strategy in 5 steps

In this article we want to find the keys to creating a mobile marketing strategy to promote our app . The guys from SocialYou help us compile a five-step guide to create a good strategy for this purpose.

” Marketing is not the art of selling what you produce , but knowing what to produce. ” Philip Kotler


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Some data before starting

The mobile market is increasing year after year. It is a reality that we perceive every day but it is also a fact proven by data. Spain remains at the forefront of Europe Smartphones penetration rate as derived from the annual report by The App Date on the apps situation in Spain 2014 .

This report confirms the rise in the rate of 70 % in the level of penetration of smartphones and tablets 30% . The total number of active users of Apps totaling 23 million active users.

However , there is always a but, although we remain at the forefront there has been a decrease from the previous year in the number of daily downloads , from 4 million in the previous year to the current figure of 3.8 million.

One reason for this decline is based on the spanish “mobile” maket which is becoming more mature. Prioritises the perdurability and the time spent on the app by the user rather tan the number of downloads.

That is now, more than ever extremely important to define, develop and implement a mobile marketing strategy App appropriate from the beginning to the end of the process so that our app doesnt end up abandoned in the cemetery Apps of any smartphone. And there are many Apps that end up there!!

Well now what do we do? We assume that we have already developed the app , made the appropriate tests, checked bugs, features, etc. The development phase will be ready .

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How to prepare now our mobile marketing strategy App ?

We’ll tell you now in 5 easy steps:

1. Steps to your Marketing Strategy App

Study your audience. As in any marketing strategy, you have to study and know what your target audience is, your competition and the situation its in.How your target audience is and how your competition is , is going to depend on wheather you go and focus your efforts on one channel or another when setting your final app marketing strategy.

2. Define your model of bussines

Be clear what is the business model of your app, depending on it you will use either type of strategy to monetize your app. The main business models for Apps are:

a) Freemium Model: The business model for excellence in the Spanish market. In 2013 the freemium model was the most used due to its. The basis of this model is to offer a limited version of the app for free in order to achieve the maximum possible number of downloads and for users become familiar with its functions. Once this has occurred from the free version, which offers users the functionality of the paid version, which can be obtained by writing the Market Place indicated.

b) Payment model content: Similar to above. The concept is based on an application where some content is limited and where users can expand downloading add-ins from within the application without necessarily go to the Market place.

c) Subscription Model: In this model, the user agrees to make a subscription to an app, which facilitates content periodically. The difference between this model and content is precisely the level of engagement, from the beginning.

d) Sale of product: In this model downloading the app is free with subsequent intention that the user makes a purchase of a product or service through the application. Widely used by e-commerce that has been known to use the apps as a way to increase their income.

3. Make ASO

Yes or Yes. Before launching your app you must perform the ASO strategy (App Store Optimization) correspondingly.

But… What is the ASO? The translation would be the SEO mobile applications. That means, you must make all necessary steps to optimize your application so that it appears in the top results when a user searches their respective applications store. Like any SEO project is based on the selection and optimization of keywords. ASO identifies the keywords that a user uses when searching to find an app. The primary objective is to appear above the competition in search results of mobile application stores.

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4. Invest in CPC campaigns

There are several options at your fingertips campaigns regarding investment in networks display. Here you will have to define the model of bidding for which you want to bet either models CPC (cost per click), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPI (cost per install), etc.

Define a minimum investment of onset and thereafter test, analyze your competition and measure your results to increase or decrease your investment for results obtained.

You can also initiate a campaign of investment under Facebook Ads, which both help you promote your app and get the highest number of downloads directly from the homepage newsfeed or user.

5. Do not forget the traditional channels

Last but not least .Remember to use the other channels you have at your fingertips! An effective campaign is one that uses all means at its disposal, so combining both online and offline media to carry out your strategy mobile marketing will give you the key to success.

  • Online: your website, your Social Networks, strategies dedicated to the Apps, influencers, bloggers, e-mail marketing, etc. At your disposal are a multitude of online media at your fingertips that you can’t stop using.
  • Offline: If you have sufficient means to launch promotional campaigns on radio, television, newspapers, etc.

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