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Growth Hacking: Strategies to Optimise your Web Conversion

Growth Hacking: Strategies to Optimise your Web Conversion

Growth hacking is a relatively new digital marketing discipline aimed at business growth with minimal resources. Despite the design, the copies or the visuals you display on your website: if it’s not converting, something is wrong. 

If you want to know how growth hacking can help you create innovative strategies and actions to improve conversion, keep reading! Here are some examples of how to optimise the conversion of your website.


What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is a marketing methodology. It’s a combination of web analytics, content and automation focused on the rapid growth of a business. 

To optimize the conversion rate, growth hacking advocates a hypothesis that is tested and, if it works, doubles until it no longer gives results. And if it doesn’t work, you introduce variables and experiment again. Hypothesis – experiment – execution – analysis, and start over. 

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innovative ideas
Drawing of marketing methodology. Source: Rawpixel

Growth hacking techniques to improve the conversion of your website

Use optimised landing pages

A good landing page should focus on conversion: whether it’s a purchase, capturing a lead, receiving a request for information… Aim your SEM campaigns at these goals and try to attract new customers. Give the necessary information and make clear what the call to action is. 

Make it easy to share content

If you spend time taking care of your content, why don’t you make it easy for your users to share it?

If you have a blog, place visible sharing buttons and don’t be afraid to ask users to share your content.

Conduct A/B tests

Tools like Google Optimize make conducting experiments a lot easier. If you think there’s an element that doesn’t work on your website, perform A/B tests. 

The same with email campaigns, by replacing the subject or the main image. This way you will find out what works best for your audience.

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Ask for feedback

Automating emails is essential. But beyond confirming an order, a booking, a cancellation etc. They can be much more useful than that. 

In the confirmation email of an order, for example, you could include a customer satisfaction rating regarding the purchase process. Or find out why a user unsubscribes from your database by offering the possibility to choose a reason for the unsubscription.  

In every action, there is always an opportunity to gather more information and optimise your conversion rate. You just have to know how.

There is always something you can optimise on your website to increase conversion

customer satisfaction rating
Screen with customer satisfaction rating. Source:Rawpixel

Implement a chatbot

Chatbots are an asset and will help you automate customer service and solve frequently asked questions. Besides, it’s easier than you think to activate one.

Tools like Landbot.io allow you to get started easily and connect other services with the chatbot, so you can streamline your processes.

Pay attention to your fans

Email marketing tools give you valuable information about your users so try to make the most out of it. 

Discover who the users are that interact most with your content and create actions just for them. You’ll make them feel special and they’ll be more willing to come back to your site and recommend you.

Optimise the loading speed

With increasingly powerful mobiles and a 5G connection that is expected to be fully implemented by next year, your website can’t afford to lead slowly.

It’s something that can still be slightly forgiven if the user accedes from the computer. But if you access it from your mobile, you will most likely give up if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Work hand-in-hand with developers to see what can be improved. This can be a change of design, an improvement of the servers… But without a doubt, the loading speed is fundamental to ensure a good conversion rate.

If it takes more than 3 seconds to load a page onto a mobile device, the user will leave the website.

Go for the WOW effect

The WOW effect is about creating unique and memorable experiences, something that moves or impacts us. Look for the WOW feeling that people experience when visiting your website. 

This could be an unexpected gift that appears on the thank you page after making a purchase. Afterwards, you can include the free item in the product shipment. 

There are many options, depending on the type of product or service you offer. But if you get your clients to feel special, they might promote you on social media channels or you’re gonna make them come back for more.

Here is a video to learn how to develop a growth hacking mentality:

Optimise for voice search

Cortana, Siri, Alexa, Google Home… Voice assistants and smart speakers are now part of our lives and are growing in popularity. Now think about your website, do you take voice search into account?

We search very differently depending on whether we type from a computer keyboard, from a mobile phone or if we do a voice search. Therefore, your content must satisfy the demand for each of these searches. 

Usually, when searching by voice, we tend to ask a question. You must put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think of possible queries. This means creating content with keywords that are somewhat different from those you would do for other types of searches.

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Start with mobile

From the time of the responsive websites, some time ago we already passed to the next era of mobile first. Does your website already take that into account? If you have doubts, try this Google tool to check if your website is mobile-friendly

Your website shouldn’t only be able to look good on a mobile device but should be fully functional to improve the conversion rate. And that implies good usability. 

The text, buttons and other interactive elements must be of adequate size and user-friendly. Because: is there anything more frustrating than not being able to press a button on your phone?

website displayed on several devices
Web design adequate size for every device. Source: Rawpixel

Create diverse content

Companies often rely on just one type of content they share on social networks and blogs: images, articles, video… But don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

Choose different types of content: infographics, gifs, an interactive test, surveys or a podcast. If you succeed in transmitting the identity of your brand on social networks and improve engagement, users will be much more willing to choose your company over the competition.

What do you think of these growth hacking strategies? If you’re looking for a professional to grow your business, let’s talk. At Yeeply we have the best marketing professionals to improve the conversion of your website.

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