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The best examples of digital branding in tech companies

The best examples of digital branding in tech companies

Digital branding carries a fundamental weight on a company’s success. It’s what makes the difference between a great brand and a brand that goes unnoticed.

However, let’s set the record straight. A good digital branding strategy is not limited to large companies − in fact, any SME or start-up can enjoy its benefits.

This post will be especially useful to you if you’re not sure as to where to start or what are the benefits entailed by branding actions. It will provide you with ideas that you can put into practice as soon as you finish reading it.

What is digital branding?

Digital branding consists of the actions that are carried out aimed at building a brand in digital media. Marketing pursues that needs are met through products or services. Branding, on the other hand, goes further than this: it’s about creating brands that connect with their audience and convey a series of values.

Nonetheless, branding is not something new. The concept of digital branding has been born simply because the areas in which branding can be applied have expanded with today’s widespread use of the internet, social media, mobile apps, etc. Hence, a brand’s positioning strategies are currently virtually obliged to go omnichannel and have a unique approach.


Branding is about creating brands that connect with their audience and convey a series of values.


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Drawing about the brand. Source: Rawpixel


Advantages of digital branding for SMEs and start-ups

Digital branding actions are more necessary than ever, as just offering a good product or service is not enough nowadays. Do you want to find out why?

  1. It triggers emotions

People don’t simply fall in love with a product. It’s likely that they can easily find another product that is similar to yours. In that case, what makes them choose one product over another? The answer lies in what the brand they choose stands for. If you manage to strike a chord with them, you will have earned yourself returning customers.


People don’t fall in love with your products; they fall in love with the brand behind them and what it stands for.


  1. Omnichannel

This does not necessarily mean that you have to be present in every single channel and social media network. You must choose which channels you will be on depending on the public that you are targeting. However, users ‘bumping’ into you through any of these channels should feel that your brand’s presence is consistent regardless of the channel.

  1. Humanise your brand

The era of the big brands whose advertising is limited to prime time on TV has already fallen far behind. The digital ecosystem offers incredible opportunities for empathising and interacting with your users. Make the most of it! 

  1. It differentiates you from your rivals in the industry

When it comes to digital branding, it makes no sense to copy what your rivals are doing. You have to find the aspects that make you different and give them a boost to make your brand be the best possible version of itself.

  1. Proximity to the user

This will allow you to go beyond empathy and interaction and listen directly to what the user has to say. You will now know exactly what is it that your customers want, so make use of proximity to improve your products or services.

Check out this cool video if you want to know more about the importance of building a brand:



How to carry out branding actions

In order to implement digital branding actions, you must previously perform some work:

    • Goals. Define accurately what your mission is, what products or services you offer and who your customer is.
    • Corporate identity guide. The common practice is to have one so, if this is not your case, we advise you to write yours up as soon as possible. Having a guide will help you establish a baseline for all your graphic communication.
    • Brand personality. Depending on the audience you’re addressing, you must create content and adjust the tenor of your messages accordingly: accessible, joyful, kind, wild, serious… And all this has to fit together well to avoid jeopardising consistency.
    • Be honest. This comes without saying, but there are brands that forget about it quite easily. Something is not working if your communication is not going hand in hand with the customer’s experience with your product or service, due to it not being good enough. Provide the best user experience, don’t neglect customer service, resolve any possible questions and apologise if you get something wrong. Remember that we were precisely raising the issue of humanising your brand a little while ago. And anyway, is there anything more human than slipping a cog from time to time?
    • Take care of your employees. Having happy employees is the best possible branding you can put in place. They will work better, share your goals and, what is more, they’ll be the first to put a good word in for your brand wherever they go.
    • Reinvent yourself. Brands − in general − cannot be static, let alone in a digital environment, where evolving is imperative. You must be on the lookout for new trends and adapt your discourse, channels, etc. Have a strong foundation and add value to your products or services. This is the best digital branding you can put into practice.


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Process of branding action. Source: Rawpixel


Examples of digital branding


Rivals: MyAirBridge, Send Anywhere and DropSend

WeTransfer has become a benchmark for sending large files via e-mail. It offers a simple and intuitive interface in which users only have to upload the files and include the recipient’s e-mail and their own.

It’s, therefore, a service that’s especially popular with professionals related to art and creativity: photographers, illustrators, video creators, etc.

WeTransfer displays random wallpapers each time its web is accessed with the intention of promoting the work of different artists and reinforcing the link of its own image with the creative industries.

These images are linked to the digital publication ‘WePresent’, which promotes the work of these creators.


  • Good design and user-friendliness.
  • Offers a free plan and an affordable paid-for plan.
  • It’s as easy to use as it gets for the recipient of the files.


Rivals: AT&T and Verizon 

T-Mobile is a mobile phone company that has deftly managed to distance itself from the typical image projected by this kind of companies. And it has done so by aiming its message at a younger, urban audience that doesn’t want to attach itself to a traditional company.


  • It creates messages that aim at the weak points of customers while diverting attention from the company’s main weak point: the size of its network.
  • They have chosen a strong and bold colour palette that revolves around fuchsia.
  • They take on their prospective customers’ early termination fees arising out of their previous contracts with other operators to get more customers to switch to T-Mobile.


Publicity T-mobile. Source: T-Mobile website screenshot

Client Heartbeat

Rivals: SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo or FluidSurveys

Client Heartbeat makes customer service easier for any company by enabling satisfaction surveys to be carried out in a customised way.

By opening the way for a more customisable survey creation process, Client Heartbeat makes it possible for you to obtain more data − data that will allow for making better business decisions.


  • It offers a clean design and user-friendliness for mobile devices.
  • Free 21-day trial.
  • Reasonable price for companies.

Carrying out digital branding actions

What do you think of the previous examples? If you want your brand to make an impression and create campaigns with an impact, allow yourself to be inspired by the digital branding actions of large companies and then tailor them to your audience.

But if you prefer to have a partner specialised in digital branding, bear Yeeply in mind. Tell us who you are, what actions you want to carry out and we’ll put you in touch with the marketing professionals that suit your project best. We look forward to hearing from you!

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