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The Best App Marketing Tips to Apply when Launching a New App

The Best App Marketing Tips to Apply when Launching a New App

In this article, we would like to share with you the most successful App Marketing tips to implement when launching a new mobile app or game. Depending on the launching moment, your marketing actions will be different – follow these steps to get a successful launch from the first try!

App Marketing tips before launching a mobile app

In this section, we will share the most important marketing tips to bear in mind before publishing your mobile app project or game in the stores as well as a few important technical suggestions to carry out when designing your product.

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First of all, it is extremely important to make sure that your product is unique. Research and find out if your app is really different from the rest of apps in the market. You need to know your competition very well in order to stand out from the crowd!

Plan a growth strategy. It would be smart to map out where the majority of installs would come from and plan your strategy accordingly.

And now let’s start with the marketing hot points.



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Create a strong web presence and implement sharing mechanisms

Collect subscribers and generate buzz even before launching your app. Create landing pages that will take web and social media users to your app. It is a good idea to share some previews and build interest – share different content in the various social media channels to keep users waiting for your new app!

Set up a deep linking infrastructure. Sharing is caring and users like to share experiences with their friends. This fact could make your app go viral – so don’t wait any longer and enable an easy social media sharing mechanism through deep linking. Leverage the power of the word of mouth to make your app or game go viral – for example, encourage users to share their achievements!


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Get media contacts and have the promotional materials ready

Influencers and bloggers should be your best friends. They can promote your app among their followers and this can lead to a boost in downloads. Conduct research in advance to find different media, and be ready to reach out to them when your app is out. It is relevant to have your press kit ready so you can send it straight away when needed.

Create a video teaser. You could create a video promoting your app or you could use it to explain some of your app’s functions.  Either way, the video will be one of your best tools to attract future users. So, do you already have one?

Perform App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is the process of optimizing a mobile app in order to maximize its visibility on the app stores, improve conversion rate to install, and drive more downloads. ASO is the best way of turning your app into an outstanding one and therefore, making your place in the market.


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The main elements of ASO are: Keyword Research & Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and a constant Tracking and Improving the results.

If you’d like to go deeper into the ASO experience, make sure to read these Guides for Google Play ASO and App Store ASO.

Be prepared on a technical level

App launch is a very important moment, and we don’t want to miss a single detail. This is why you should dedicate time to check a few technical points, prior to the launch of your new mobile app. And that’s why we would like to provide you with some technical points that to when launching a mobile app:

  • Start out by having a beta version in order to check for bugs and first impressions of your app. Beta versions provide you with crucial information that could help you understand how to improve your app. Why not ask your family and friends to be your first beta testers?


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  • Perform mockup tests to check if the users are making the most of your app. Because you are the one that created the app, there may be things that seem obvious to you but not that obvious to your users.
  • Create a simple in-app feedback system. You need to know if your users are experiencing some problems when using the app. Remember that negative feedback affects conversion rate and installs, so keep negative feedback away from the app stores! The majority of 1-star ratings come from bugs. Use automatic testing and spend time doing manual testing in order to find out problems and solve them ASAP.
  • App latency is a crucial factor. Users want to have a quick and nice experience when using apps, so make sure to optimize your app to get rid of slowness.
  • Prepare your app for localization. An app that is launched globally is more likely to get a bigger number of users. Make sure that your app would be appealing worldwide!

How to market your app during the launch

What should you do once you have just released your app? Just follow these tips:

Reach out to media and influencers

Do you remember the press kit we advised you to prepare in advance? What about the list of bloggers and influencers? If you have followed our tips you should have reached some of them and now it’s time to remind them that you are launching so they can announce it as well!

Monitor your growth with ASO tools

There are many App Marketing and ASO tools in the market. For example,  TheTool can help you monitor top chart rankings, keyword rankings, conversion rate and other ASO KPIs in a very simple and visual way!


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Find the right approach to your users

Personalization always works better. A good strategy is to give users a treat. If they feel special they will come back to your app. Plan how to use push notifications properly. You want to use them for re-engagement but schedule them in a way that won’t annoy your users!

Encourage positive feedback

Get 5-Star reviews! This is how you would get new users that are searching for apps in the stores. Make sure you provide a great user experience and encourage your users to leave feedback on the app stores. You can count on family and friends once again or even use your best social skills to reach out strangers 😉


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After launch: track and optimize your mobile app

At this point your app is already available on the market, so your aim now is to constantly optimize your product to get even more installs and to keep your users engaged with your it. Here is the list of the most relevant tips to consider after launching your app:

  • Users like innovation – so you better have an update ready to go almost right after your first launch. This will keep them engaged and waiting for more! It would be lame to make them wait while you are preparing it!
  • Before launching re-engagement campaigns, collect some data and find out how do the users feel about your app. When you know the strengths and weaknesses, you can create a better strategy to have them on board again.
  • We all want to have only the good reviews, but we need to be realistic and acknowledge that we can learn and improve our product based on negative feedback. Get in touch with your unhappy users to solve any issue that they might have had and turn this bad feedback into a positive one!
  • Be patient and keep optimizing! Your first release is just the starting point and it would take some time to get to the top. Work on your app constantly, experiment with different strategies and measure the impact to learn as you grow!  

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In a nutshell: Top App Marketing tips to have a successful app launch

To sum up, here are some general and marketing-specific tips to follow when you are launching your new mobile product:

  1. Remember that in order to stand out and wipe out your competitors, first of all, your app should be unique.
  2. Make sure that you can count on a few people on the beta-testing stage. Contact your friends and family to be your first users – collect feedback and improve your app before publishing it on the stores.
  3. App Store Optimization is crucial to get discovered by users that are looking for new apps in the stores. Landing pages on the web are also a good way of leading people to your product and create a buzz before an official launch.
  4. Pay attention to your users and stay close to them by listening to their needs and making sure they have a great experience with your app at all times.

Good luck! Be patient and remember that Marketing and App Store Optimization is a continuous process – follow our tips and rock your App Marketing strategy! ?

Author Bio: Cristina Stefanova is a Content & SMM Strategist at TheTool, a powerful self-service platform for App Store Optimization, helping developers with the ASO of mobile apps and games in over 90 countries. Cristina writes about mobile app marketing strategies and she is interested in languages & fashion!

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