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App Store Optimization, the necessary tool for a mobile app success

A useful and easy to use application with its own characteristics that differ it from the competition, has all the necessary ingredients to turn into a successful application. However and unfortunately, not everything depends on the quality of the tool. The ASO (App Store Optimization) is a fundamental element that makes an app being known among the users and succeed. It is not so easy to know how to position a mobile application within different app stores, but there is a series of clues that can rise the concrete app to the top of the rankings of diverse marketplaces.


How to position a mobile application? It is obvious that the number of downloads and positive valuations are facts which quite help you. For instance, in Google Play the users opinions have a big importance: the more positive they are, considering the total valuation, the better positioning the concrete application will gain. However, at App Store the number of positive opinions does not have the same incidence. But the number of downloads is also important, as a high number of negative valuations will decrease the downloads and prevent an app from gaining the first places.

App Store Optimization variables

Not all the App Store Optimization resides in the users valuations or in the downloads. There is another series of factors that influence on a good positioning of applications at marketplaces.

  • Name: You should take care of it, as the success that an app gets both the searchers and the app stores depends on the name. Moreover, the app URL within the marketplace is generated automatically from the name, that’s why the introduction of key words is essential. In the event of brand-name apps it’s convenient that the name gathers some of the key words of that one. But you must be careful with this point, as the Marketplaces use to ask for the verification of the ownership.
  • Tags: To choose the appropriate ones you need to think of which words can be used by the users that are looking for an app. It is convenient that they are not distributed between the name and the box destined exclusively to the tags. On the other hand it’s important not to abuse the key words of the competition or to include unrelated ones, as they can provoke a penalty or the app rejection at the App Store.
  • Description: It should contain the essential data about the application, distinguishing the characteristics that differ it from its rivals. The first lines should try to answer the question: What is it for?  It is also worth commenting on the app reviews in relevant web sites and the prizes that it could have got. Moreover, it is also important to take into account the target audience. As you want to reach different countries, you have to  take into consideration translating it into different languages. The inclusion of key words doesn’t help you to position but they are very useful for the app to be found in the marketplace searcher.
  • Images and video: The images of the app should be catchy and representative. Moreover, they should suit the size requires and formats of each marketplace and if not, they would suffer cuttings that could deform them. On the other hand, the videos are an indispensable element, as it helps to increase the number of downloads and installations, even for the paid applications.
  • Promotion and distribution: As the app is ready to be shown to the final audience, it’s convenient to provide it promotion and distribution. These actions do not have to go in pair with high costs. You can send press releases to diverse media, ask for reviews in suitable blogs or in the ones with good PageRank and spread the app through social networks: Google Play takes cognizance of  the number of +1 and -1 got in Google+.

Finally, you must remember about the app directories, as they do not only contribute to the App Store Optimization at App Stores, but also in the searchers.

Thus, the ASO positioning isn’t such a terrible task as the SEO one. However, it’s still a beginning process but in the future it can turn into a sophisticated field. For this reason, you have to keep constantly abreast of developments that may occur in App Store Optimization. If you upload a mobile application project to Yeeply and you are unsure how to perform ASO strategy, let us know about it. In this way the 2300 registered freelance developers will know what you need and they will be able to help you to get a good positioning at app stores.

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