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App Promotion Strategy: step by step

App Promotion Strategy: step by step

A good strategy to promote a mobile app is critical to your success in the mobile market. Mobile app promotion is as important as its development process.

Without good advertising and a good marketing strategy, even the best application may go unnoticed in the marketplaces. Errors in mobile app promotion are common, and it is usually down to those responsible not knowing how to make themselves known to your potential target audience.


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Planning app promotion

The planning of the app promotion should set in motion at the same instant in which the development process begins. The choice of the name of the application is a fundamental pillar in the strategy to promote a mobile app: it should be easy to remember and include the main keyword. Likewise, the choice of the app icon and screenshots to be inserted in the corresponding app store are also two important tasks. Finally, the description of the application is essential to attract the end-user: is appropriate to include keywords, a simple summary of what the application and call the user to action.

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On the other hand, choosing the correct category within the app stores is also important. If in doubt between several categories, you should choose the least contested category. The more competition there is in a particular category, the higher number of downloads will be needed to position the application in a particular category.

And after the launch?

The strategy to promote a mobile application does not end with the launch of the app. It is essential to publicize the app through different channels to achieve the greatest possible number of downloads during the first few weeks: reviews on blogs or specialized media, publishing on social networks, ads or reviews on your blog or personal website, etc. In addition, one should also invest some money in paid advertising, especially through other mobile applications that will easily reach the target audience. Keep in mind that this part of the promotion should have been planned at the time of development so that it can be implemented immediately after launch.

And what happens when the app has achieved the popularity or economic objectives? Well, we must keep up the promotion. While it may raise the volume of advertising investment, it is advisable to continue promoting the app for free channels, keeping positioned organically. Also, a good set of metrics analysis can help us all statistical data of the public who comes to the application, following the launch and after achieving the objectives. In this way, you can know what consumers expect from the objectives of the application and a significant amount of feedback will serve as a guide to implement future improvements.

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