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The importance of Mobile Marketing in app launching

The rise of mobile technology in our society is well known. Already established among us, it has created a new dimension of marketing; Mobile Marketing. In app launching this is particularly important. This strategy is the result of the new capabilities that mobile technology brings as a way to attract and retain customers. This new form of business is already erupting because of its short life span however its future is unquestionable. It is here to stay.

If we consider that mobile applications are used by more than 50% of the population in Spain alone, or put another way, more than 27 million people, to ignore the channel of Mobile Marketing for the business, it would be little more than commercial suicide.

If we are able to get to know and implement the steps to create an app from the first moment the idea approaches its launch, the chances of success through a good marketing strategy multiply.

In one of our most viewed articles we explore the perfect step by step guide to creating a successful game app. Once we have done that we are in a position to organize the Mobile Marketing strategy that we use, the app launching design.

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Downloads and engagement: Essential in App Launching

There are key steps and key functions from which to build, and defining your goals becomes a very important role.

In the case of Mobile Marketing Strategy for applications, downloads and engagement are the key to success.


1- We must establish a good plan for users to download our application. The best way to do it is to make these easily found; what is known as findability. This is an aspect of ASO, its objective is that the content is optimized and relevant to the people you want to be found by.

2- Having a solid search engine strategy is mandatory for any online initiative, but in the case of app launching we have another participant in the game: the markets.

This market is where users do most of their searches for applications. Being well positioned in categories, rankings and highlights is the first step to succeed with a mobile application. So we must start by using appropriate keywords to describe the app and classify it in the appropriate category.

3- The next step in app launching is that the app is made high in the rankings. When someone posts an app in Google Play, for example, it is exposed to more than 400 million devices that could become users, but it is also found in the middle of a giant ocean of competitor applications.

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What factors influence our application visibility in the markets?

After app launching the most influential factor to being well positioned in the rankings are the scores and comments, users will be encouraged to download more if the reviews are good and high scores..

Choosing a proper category for an application is also critical, those that are in the markets must be taken advantage of to the maximum, choose the one that most closely matches your theme. In number of downloads, usage time, number of times the app is opened, numbers and place in the ranking.

As already mentioned the search function also places apps based on the keywords used, here ASO comes into play in the case of applications.

Appearing in the lists of the most outstanding apps as top or top free apps among others, gives the application the biggest rise in downloads. These lists are made based on a number of variables, mostly based on downloads and purchases.


What is the best way to get the maximum possible downloads at any price or to make sure that the application remains on user devices? This question is good to think about before launching the app as it defines our goal in setting out our Mobile Marketing strategy

The engagement refers to the second part of the question. In the world of applications, this is the ability to make sure our app will create a relationship with users, to establish a commitment to them and be secure in their devices.

If we get our app in the bookmarks bar or on the front pages of the devices, our Mobile Marketing strategy is good.

The engagement is based on three pillars, empathy, excellence and exclusivity

If our application gives users what they are looking for at the place and time they want it, of a quality they expect, it continues to improve over time and also has an identity that makes it something special, our Mobile Marketing strategy just happens to us. With games, music groups or cinema, we can make users buy from us rather than find a way to download it for free.

The performance of the engagement is evident, even if our app is free and remains in mobiles and tablets, make sure you don’t neglect this as it is a factor that opens up the possibility of appearing in the rankings, which markets our position in good stead, and increases the chance of other users recommending it to friends. To do this besides a good mobile marketing strategy, you need a good team to develop your app idea, so that the result of the combination is a success. Are you ready to continue?

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