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The most addictive mobile marketing strategy- Advergaming

The most addictive mobile marketing strategy- Advergaming

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are essential tools to keep us informed, communicated and entertained. One of the most commonly performed activities with the mobile terminals is to interact with different games that can be found in the marketplaces and that we spent hours being entertained with. As the brands are aware of this trend, they include advergaming in their mobile marketing strategies, video games use to promote new products, services or ideas that the brand wants to bring to the market.

Film companies are the ones that have used advergaming most to reach their audience. One of the most successful case in this sense is the video game Iron Man 3, developed by Gameloft, which has received excellent reviews from the users. We can also see it in the reviews of Google Play and App Store. However, the advergaming not only adheres to the cinema world. Any company can make use of this type of mobile marketing to reach its target audience.


Advergaming, why to use it in mobile marketing?

Investment in mobile marketing strategies like advergaming can be slightly more expensive than the amount of money intended for a mobile app, especially for the high functionality of mobile gaming and the quality of the graphics. However, a good strategy in this area can make the brand derive a substantial revenue.

Advergaming consists of one of the less intrusive varieties of advertising so that the user doesn’t feel annoyed about receiving advertising messages. In fact, advergaming gains a positive attitude from the target audience, as this one is voluntarily exposed to advertising, contributing to a higher fidelity level among the customers and the brand.

On the other hand, mobile games designed for advergaming make the users remember better the brand involved in the promotion process. Consequently, the companies are able to achieve their goals in a more effective way than their messages are remembered by the users and affect them. Moreover, this memorization may increase the virality of the content so that the users will tend to recommend them to their friends and acquaintances and share them via social networks.

The attention that the users of mobile devices use to pay for the games they enjoy on their terminals is an important base at the time of taking advantage of the benefits that advergaming provides to the companies. But to achieve the success in a company of these features, it is necessary to have a developer best suited to the process and, above all, maintain a fluent communication, always informing him what is needed in the mobile games development.


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