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75% of big brands still don’t invest in mobile marketing

Taking into consideration that smartphones and tablets have acquired our everyday life, every time there are more and more brands which want to have their mobile presence. A good web responsive or a successful application can approach a large percentage of the target audience. But, are all the companies really aware of the importance of a good mobile marketing strategy?


Last week Überflip published an infographic showing slightly surprising data, above all considering the penetration rate that smartphones and tablets had reached among world’s population. And there is still 75% of brands that don’t have a defined mobile strategy. In fact, 45% do not have any mobile presence. These percentages draw attention if you consider the data and predictions done by Business Insider referring to the investment in mobile advertising in the U.S. So during four years, since 2009, it has increased from 500 million dollars to 2.500 million. Furthermore, it’s predicted that in 2017 it will have exceeded 5.000 million dollars.

Probably, the factor that most stops the companies at the time of implementing a strategy at mobile market is the difficulty to make a mobile app stand out from its competitors. We already have around 700.000 apps at Google Play and App Store but more than 60% of them have never been downloaded. This data raises concern between the brands.

In fact, only 7% of brands prefer to conduct mobile strategies based exclusively on mobile apps and 21% use these tools as a supplement of the mobile web. In contrast, 27% choose to base their mobile marketing actions solely on the production of a good website focused on mobile devices.

Although many companies are not aware, rejecting any advertising campaign through mobile terminals may have very adverse consequences. In fact, digital advertising, especially via smartphones and tablets, is the only one that is experiencing an increase in investment, despite the crisis. In that way, through mobile devices you can reach a much more extensive audience and sometimes even much more predisposed to receiving advertising contents than the audience consuming information through traditional media.

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