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Tell us what you need and we will help you select the most suitable digital and remote tech talent to carry out your project.
No commitments, in a flexible, agile and transparent way, in just 4 steps.


Hiring tech talent is that easy

We want to save you time on the outsourcing process so you can stay focused on your project. Our work methodology has allowed us to carry out more than 2,000 digital and technological projects.


1. Tell us what you need

Describe your project in detail and attach as much information as possible.


2. We assign you the most suitable technical team

Our matching algorithm will find the best team for your digital project.


3. Receive a custom quote

Receive one or several customised quote(s). Negotiate with the team and sign when you’re ready.


4. Let’s roll up our sleeves!

We take care of the paperwork so you can focus on the execution of the project.







Hire the best remote professionals, on your terms

Work flexibly with our teams on-demand, always in line with your needs.


The best digital and technological talent

Work with experts in the most in-demand technologies: app and web development, software programming, Artificial Intelligence and all kinds of digital solutions.


Flexible format adapted to your needs

We help you identify your needs and select the most suitable team for your project in an agile, flexible way that is adapted to your company.


Mix of expert teams

Professionals with different profiles join forces to work on your project. We assemble your tailor-made teams with expert talent in each area.



Keep working with your team for continuous improvement with updates, maintenance, new functionalities etc.

Shall we start your project?

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1. Collaborating with Yeeply: step by step

We have already explained—in four basic steps—how working together with Yeeply functions. Despite, to fully understand the entire process, some fundamental steps need to be clarified.

1.1 Post your project on our web

On our website, you can request a free quote for your digital project. All you have to do is fill out the form to explain the key information on your project. First of all, you need to indicate the required core service, for example, development, design or marketing.


Then, depending on the service that you have selected before, you must specify it even more. For example, when choosing development, you could narrow it down to the development of a game app, Android app, iOS app, cross-platform app, web app, website, e-commerce, (internal) platform, etc. There are no limits, we are sure we can help you carry out the project that you have in mind.


The next step is to give your project a name, add information about the functionalities it needs and the technologies you think that might be required. This helps us to better understand the scope and complexity of your project.


The last step is to fill out your contact details so we know how to reach you. Keep reading to find out what happens next.

1.2 Follow up by the Yeeply team

After filling out the publish project form correctly, you receive an email with instructions to activate your account on our platform. Access your account to keep track of the progress of your project.


Also, if you are notified to complete certain details on your project, you can do so in your personalised dashboard. You also have the option to upload files with additional information. In case you have any questions, you can contact the Yeeply team directly to solve your doubts.


After the Yeeply team has carefully reviewed the information that you have provided on your project, someone from the team contacts you (probably by phone). We do this to fully understand your project, solve possible doubts and to explain to you what happens next.

1.3 Complete your project’s briefing

By this, we mean, that the briefing for your project should be defined clearly enough for the (soon to be) assigned team to understand what they have to do. This is an essential step to avoid misunderstandings regarding the future proposal that you will receive. Furthermore, no service or development phase must be left out. This to avoid unexpected costs and delays at a later stage.


Here are the most essential details to include in your briefing:


  • The goal of the project. For example, to develop a marketplace app for Android and iOS, to target the European market, in 4 languages.
  • The required services. Such as app development, UX, UI and ASO. This is useful to define which profiles are needed to carry out the project.
  • Functionalities of the digital product. For example, the functions of an eCommerce website. What can the visitor do when arriving on your website? And at the same time, what should the owner of the online store be able to do to manage his product catalogue, orders, stock etc.?
  • Deadlines. In case the project is in a hurry, It is important to communicate this. If not, it still helps to set an ideal deadline in order to match the availability of your future team.
  • Budget. This detail is indispensable to find the right team for your project, without surpassing your budget. We always try the utmost to come up with a creative solution—outsourcing the work to professionals in other countries or by assigning multidisciplinary teams to your project to lower the costs.
Count on our support

Despite, in some cases, a project is not fully ready to be carried out by a certified team. If the project is still a concept or too vague regarding its specifications, it is possible to first hire consultation services or support from design thinking experts.


A consultation service could include, for example, advise on technological aspects of the project. Design thinking, on the other hand, helps you to figure out if the product or service that you want to launch is going to be successful. In other words, design thinking is a human-centred approach that starts with empathising with the audience and ends with the design of a solution for them.


All in all, your briefing should be well-defined and complete enough before we can assign you a certified professional or team to prepare you a proposal. But do not worry, from our experience we can easily tell you if something is missing or needs to be defined before moving forward.

1.4 We assign you the ideal certified team

Once the Yeeply team thoroughly comprehends the goals and expectations of your project, it is time to find you the right team to turn it into reality.


Based on the technological details of your project and the required skills to carry it out, our AI-based algorithm makes a pre-selection of teams that could be the ideal match. In other words, it creates a shortlist of certified professionals. Then, it is up to the Yeeply team to hand-pick two or three teams that are the best fit.


This way, we make sure that the key requirements and preferences of the team are matching the project. Depending on the availability of the teams and the number of proposals that you wish to receive, we assign one or more teams to your digital project.


Please, keep in mind that any team that gets assigned to your project has completed our demanding certification process. If you want to know more about it, check out our Talent page where we explain to you how we make sure you only work with top-notch experts across the world.

1.5 You receive one or more proposals

Like mentioned before, it is possible to receive more than one proposal for your project. This way you can pick the one that fits your requirements and budget best. Also, since you can contact the assigned team(s) directly via our platform, this way you can make sure that there is a good vibe between both parties before you (might) start working together.


Here are a few details you can expect to be included in a proposal:

  • The objective of the project. This is based on the info you have provided.
  • The scope. With this, we refer to the different stages and the total duration of the project.
  • The required technologies. For example, programming languages like PHP or Python.
  • The involved profiles. For instance, a senior iOS developer, a front-end web developer, a graphic designer, marketing expert, etc.
  • The methodology. Such as Scrum or Agile.
  • The timing. Which includes time-phased planning.
  • A list of tasks. Divided into milestones, so it is clear what needs to be done to finish each stage.


Please note that we help you to pick the best proposal among the ones you have received. If necessary, we can set up a meeting to talk through the several offers to make sure that everything is clear. This meeting can be only with someone from the Yeeply team or, if you wish, the assigned team can also attend it. This way, everyone is aligned regarding the project and hopefully ready to get started!

1.6 The actual development phase

This process begins once the assigned team starts working on your project and ends when the final delivery is made. During this period, the Yeeply team keeps track of the project’s evolution and not only supports the client but also the assigned team whenever is needed.


Not solely to ensure that the deadlines are met but also to avoid miscommunications, solve possible issues and make sure that the collaboration goes smoothly. Again, you can count on our support for anything you need.

1.7 Final delivery of the project

Once all the milestones are completed, the project is finished. However, that does not mean that it is not possible to extend the project with additional services. For example, once a website is ready to go live, it might be a good idea to hire an agency or professional to help out with the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, social media channels, email marketing, paid campaigns etc.


However, not only marketing is vital to attract visitors to a new website. Debugging the web once it is launched and fixing unexpected errors requires help from an expert. Besides, after testing it out for a while, it is probably necessary to update or adapt specific sections to improve essential KPIs. Among our clients, it is common that they keep working with the same team for technical support, continuous improvement and maintenance purposes.


Last but not least, remember that we offer all our clients a six-month guarantee. If any functionality (defined in the contract) is not working or a technical incident related to a bug was not detected by the assigned team, we take responsibility for it. We make sure it is fixed as soon as possible, without additional costs.


However, from all the projects that we have helped to carry out until now, 94% have been able to fully meet our client’s expectations.


2. There is always a team that fits your requirements

Like we have already mentioned on this page, you can hire different types of teams, on your terms. Important to understand is that it is not only possible to hire an existing team, as you also have the opportunity to set up your own dream team by combining several profiles. Let us explain the different options briefly.

2.1 A team of experts in a specific field

First, you can hire a team that is specialised in one specific service. For example, the development of native apps for Android phones. It is what they have been doing for years and what they are best at. They are experts in that field but might not be the perfect fit if you also want to develop that same app for iOS.

2.2. A multidisciplinary team

Think of this as a team that consists of profiles that can cover different types of services. When developing a website, for example, you might need a team that has a back-end developer, front-end developer, a User Experience (UX) designer or an expert in User Interface (UI). In other words, such a team can give a more comprehensive solution.

2.3 A mix of expert teams

This is where more than one team of experts (option 1) join their forces to fully cover your project. For example, a digital transformation project. It is highly possible that you need help from experts in different fields and that you require to work with several expert teams during the different stages of your project.


For example, a team to help you out with the initial design thinking stage, another one for creating a prototype and the actual development of your digital product and another one for marketing support.


3. The type of projects that you can carry out with Yeeply

Over the last years, we have carried out a total of 2,000 digital projects for a variety of clients all over the world. From startups to SEMs and multinational companies, active in all different types of industries.


These are a few examples of services they have outsourced:


Despite, the services above were often combined into one project. For example, we have worked with a client that wanted to create a fintech portal and needed support in different fields to carry it out. This resulted in a project where consultation, design thinking, web development, graphic design and marketing services were combined into a 360° solution.


Do you want to find more about the type of projects we have carried out and the type of clients we have worked with? Visit our Clients page to discover it.


4. Receive a custom proposal for your project, in no-time

Are you curious about the price for carrying out your digital project? No worries, publish your project and we will get back to you with a custom proposal. Like mentioned before, do not forget to include all the key details on your project that we have earlier pointed out for you. Remember the more details, the better.


Besides, requesting a quote for your digital project is 100% free and there are no strings attached. You can always decide not to accept the proposal if it does not meet your requirements and/or budget.


So, how what is our secret sauce for being able to send you a custom proposal, in a very short time? Usually, you can obtain a quote relatively quickly from a lot of companies but without entering into details. The proposal is just a rough estimate based on basic information that has been provided.


At Yeeply, we collect not only the necessary information but we enable direct contact between you and the assigned team(s). We save time and miscommunications by allowing you to talk to each other, instead of having to pass on messages and questions through us.


Likewise, we rely on a team of experts to examine exactly how much time and effort it would cost to realise your digital project. Their experience and knowledge are key to deliver custom quotes to our clients in no-time.